Aquarius are very dependable and honest. (via imfuckingyoursoul)

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I don’t require you to make
grand gestures of forever,
or to vow you’ll never leave.
just promise to make me
laugh and feel loved
for the time you choose to stay. Beau Taplin || The only oath I need.  (via afadthatlastsforever)

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London Ninja - Hannah Ray in Drop Dead clothing
photo by Ron Khy
edit by Hannah Ray - twitter | instagram | blog

corrodia said: ♫ Where have you beeeeeeeeen? Cause I never seeeee you out. Are you hiding from meeee, yeah? ♫







I miss you Christy :( we need to find a better way to communicate.. my computer has been crashing like crazy and I had to send it in for repair. 

CELLPHONES BE A THING, LIZ! I miss the pervy late nights, man. You need to let me know when you’re around again, lovely. ❤

YOU DON’T USE YOUR CELLPHONE! I’ve texted so many times and you don’t see them until a week later :( you jerk face.

LYING IS RUDE. And you haven’t texted me in ages. :( I’m feeling a little like it was fireworks, then our sex life just died, and then all of sudden there’s no ice cream left in the freezer for me to drown my whorebag tears in.


i love you Christy <3 you always know the right thing to say to me :* 
how’s errythang?

AWESOME SAUCE. I’m gonna PM you instead of clogging your sexy blog. Bitches need to reblog sharks an shit with swag.


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Obscur, Autumn Winter 2014 Preview